Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba in Southern California!

Last night I attended a dinner for India’s 65th Grand Independence Day Celebration where Bollywood actress Minnisha Lamba was the Grand Marshall!

It was held at Torch Restaurant in Buena Park, CA. Two of the most popular NRI organizations, United Federation of Indo Americans of California (UFICA) and Federation of Indo Americans Association of Southern California (FIA-SC), were the hosts of this event.

Of course, my favorite part of the evening was trying to capture some shots of the famous actress. Here are a few!

Hindu Thread Ceremony

In Hinduism, many of the ceremonies performed during one’s life is done at a young age. In particular, the Janeu (or janoi) ceremony is the celebration of the development of a boy. Traditionally called “Upanayanam Samskara” (sacred thread ceremony), it is generally completed between the ages of seven and fourteen.  The purpose of thread ceremony is to prepare a young man to share the responsibilities of elders. First, the thread is worn by the man in the company of a group chant of ‘Gayatri’ mantra. Then, the thread is twisted in an upward direction to make sure that ‘Sattwaguna’ (good quality of truth) prevails. (Source:

The below pictures are from the Gayatri Temple located in Anaheim, CA.

Backyard Fun

At times I like to look to my own backyard for inspiration. My wife beautifully nurtures many different types of flowers in our backyard and here is just one that focused on yesterday afternoon. Enjoy!

It’s all in the details!

It’s all in the details! A summer wedding means bright colors and amazing floral displays. Here is a collection of shots taken at a recent wedding where Andy Shah Photography was sure to catch the small details, yet very important in creating a beautiful, elegant and perfect wedding day! 



Outdoor Malls – An Interesting Option for a Photo Shoot!

I recently asked my daughter  to pose for me in front of the Anthropologie store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach as I loved the vintage look of the entrance door and the large vase in the background. I think having a photo shoot in the mall is a great idea! I would suggest an outdoor mall, such as Fashion Island in Newport Beach or Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles. Malls are interesting because you can capture great shots in front of storefronts that might have unique displays and also make use of their benches, fountains and other sitting areas. Malls can get crowded on the weekends, so it might be difficult to get the perfect shot without background people, but if you come at the right time, you can find a few angles that just might work perfect!

at Fashion Island, Newport Beach

Sheenika at Anthropologie at Fashion Island, Newport Beach

Andy Shah Photography featured in Showbiz India!

Andy Shah Photography hosted a booth for the first time at the South Asian Bridal Expo on February 5, 2012.

Check out the interview in Showbiz India’s coverage of the event!

Hartrisha’s Sweet Sixteen

A purple theme. Two hundred family and friends. This was a fun-filled and exciting Sweet Sixteen and Andy Shah Photography had a great time being part of the celebration!

Hartrisha celebrated her 16th birthday in style and we were there capturing every moment starting with the family pictures. It’s always a treat to have multiple generations gathering together and watch their interaction. From grandparents to kids, there was a whole spectrum of family love. Our favorite part of the evening was the high-energy dance numbers that many family and friends organized and performed.  Bhangra, a form of music and dance from the Punjab region of the sub-Indian continent, was a spectacle to watch and catch on the cameras. For more pictures, view our online gallery here.

We love the Sweet Sixteen parties right now! Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will feature two beautiful cousins celebrating their Sweet Sixteen together!

Surina’s First Birthday!

Happy Monday, everyone! This past weekend the adorable Surina turned one and Andy Shah Photography was there capturing each moment.

The wonderful weather in sunny Southern California was perfect for this outdoor picnic held in Olinda Ranch Park. A mix of family and friends celebrated this occasion with the Patel family with a classic theme – Minnie Mouse! We particularly enjoyed the cupcakes provided by Doris – they were very fitting with the theme, as Oreo cookies creatively became Minnie Mouse ears!  One of our favorite vendors, Dress My Cupcake, adorned the delicious cupcakes with their Pink Polka Dots Cupcake Wrappers. The highlight of the party was having the kids gather to break the piñata! We had a great time at this fun-filled party and hope you enjoy the pictures!

Event Planners: Manisha and Sheenika | Photographer: Andy Shah Photography | Cupcakes: Doris Valencia Boyer (catering orders to | Cupcake wrappers and stand: Dress My Cupcake

Aashna in the Studio

Children possess a natural glow and playful attitude due to their carefree nature and this makes having kids in the studio a lot of fun! Our little friend, Aashna, had a lot of fun in our studio playing with our over-sized crayons and pencils – just in time for the start of a new school year. Check out these adorable shots!



Hello world!

Welcome to Andy Shah Photography’s blog!

Your wedding day is the start of a new chapter. Let us write the introduction by capturing each moment of your wedding day through our cameras. We promise to offer you high quality and memorable photographs, excellent customer service and an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned for new and exciting posts. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely couple – Sharvani and Abhilash – at their engagement photo shoot!

Engagement Photo Shoot


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